Calling Fellow New Players

Ok, I’ve been here for about 2.5 weeks and already quite addicted. The community (that I’ve met so far) is awesome and very helpful.

However, there’s also a lot of bitterness that gets passed around. Obviously, I haven’t been around long enough to see what people are unhappy about, but I’m also enjoying my joyful obliviousness.

Are there any other new players out there who would like to join me for an in game group chat? Feel free to message me directly either here or in game.

“But Brew, why do we need a group chat?”

Don’t need one. Who said “need”?

I just think it will be fun to commingle with other players who are just starting out. We can share our excitement about breeding Drude and saving up for our first flak towers. :upside_down_face:

Maybe once we grow and start getting access to atlas, this group can double as matchmaking for glory, etc.

Anyway…just putting it out there.

Hit me up if interested, otherwise don’t.

Party on, Wayne :love_you_gesture:


This is great! Please, do not let the jaded people who have been here for years (me included) bring you down. We wouldn’t still be here if there wasn’t something great about the game.


Do I count as new? I actually joined in 2016 but took a 4 year break so I’m still only level 206. But I like group chats.


True, there are always a lot of complaints (fair or not) but we are still here to play because in the end it remains a beautiful game that allows you to meet and have fun with great people all over the world :confetti_ball:
this does not exclude also the many bad people but you can just ignore them :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


Don’t let Daedalus fool you.
He is actually really nice… until you @ him


Love this idea!

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Sounds like a nice friendly idea! I know there are a lot of group chats and off game chats to join as well.
And welcome to the Dragon Community :rofl:

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WELCOME TO WAR DRAGONNSSS and I appreciate your effort to reject the bitterness and embrace the game as you know it. I love that a new player is active on the forums and announces the newness - I hope you’ll provide regular feedback. The forums are filled with noble, sagely veterans and I think we could use some new blood here. Let me know what I can do to help the commingling process.


Welcome to War Dragons. :blush: As long as you’re not too concerned with becoming end game then it’s actually a very fun game with a really cool gameplay aspect and you can meet lots of great people here. It can be pretty overwhelming too but seeing as you’ve already found the forums you’ll probably do just fine.

edit: You should probably have a couple (optimistic) veterans in this newbie chat because mistakes are very costly in this game. Just a suggestion!


Unlimited resources would be nice. :smiley:




Just a few diamonds for a poor stranger?



Anyways, we’re all very nice here.


But if you give me egg tokens and timers I will be stronger for our team. :eyes:


Honestly, I’m just lucky I found the forum. I think new players might not always know that this is a resource.


Funny I remember someone suggesting we imbed a pg backed news chat more clearly into the main game :thinking:
Wonder who that was … oh yeah that was me! :crazy_face:
Sadly the forums tab is not easy to find nor is it anywhere near my inbox and the news button located there is currently only being used by pg for generic game wide announcements !
Make the forum tab accessible from multiple locations and we might see more new players joining the community here!
We need pg to work with us to improve communication and a good step would be to direct new players to a more active forum but to do that they need to be able to quickly find the forums and feel welcome here when they do! :sunglasses:


No, tell them what’s really here. They deserve to know before they get wrapped up in this crap hole of a game. The bitterness is quite justified.

-just my 2 cents here. My game still runs at about 3 FPS, and opening atlas makes the screen hot, say nothing of the bugs and broken mechanics that are ignored in favor of new expensive, game breaking shinies.

Sigh More bitterness…

Can you guys take your complaints and back and forth bickering with PG to another thread? I think there’s already enough of that.

This thread is for players who enjoy the game and would like to commingle.

As they say in Airheads…

“If it’s too loud, you’re too old”

I’ve already received a few in game messages. Thanks guys!


Yes, sure. Message me in game and I’ll add you.