Calling it now 4.0 Update

The Great Debacle, aka 4.0, has three possibilities:

  1. PG made a “mistake” and will correct it, things will be less bad, but not what they were or what we have asked for.

  2. PG will “hear the feedback” from the community. And will reduce the badness, but it will be neither what we thought nor what we wanted.

  3. PG is tanking the game intentionally. It always looks better if you close a game than if players boycott.

What do you think?


The pessimist in me is leaning towards option three. But if that was the case, why design and release an entire tier first? Why not tank the game instead and save yourself the trouble?

But maybe it’d be best if option 3 was correct. I love my hunters, and am addicted to the challenge of always improving. I’ve been willing to put up with a lot, just so I can keep flying my special ops forces. Maybe PG would be doing me a favor if they cut things off now. The game will die someday, it will hurt no matter what - why not cut the cord now?

I am so sad.

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