Calling out Ghost!

Testing testing… is this thing on? Ahem…

@GhostRider419 step forward and face me!


It’s a joke :rofl: but I supposed many people and PG staff won’t remember or have ever known me… I’m a has been haha.

Is this for real is Shivenzo back?


Dunno if I’d say “back” back, but I might join a chill team and participate in event and make some videos… seems like a lot to remember and re learn haha but I left with a lot of resources so might be fun to whale out as a noob next season and see how things go haha mostly just for funsies, no plans to be serious or play competitively.


I miss your videos


Ooooooo!!! Flagged twice in less than 20 minutes!!! New record!!!

But Id still like to know why you flagged it. The thread title says “Calling out Ghost!” And i honest to god thought it was an actual call out thread because i dont know who the creator was, though now the name sorta seems familar. I was following the guidelines and letting the creator know that a call out thread is a no no.


I guess welcome back shiven :woman_shrugging:.
Sorry i dont remember, cause i suck at names unless i see you everyday or almost everyday.


Haha not sure who flagged and if it was serious or not.

I don’t expect most people to know me, and I can see how the title would seem negative, especially the way a lot of people are these days…


You came out of a 7 month post slumber for me?! :relaxed:


Thats why i asked if it was a joke or not. It was a better safe the sorry type of thing. Figured if it was a joke then whatever. But if you werent then there would of been a problem :rofl:. And it was because i didnt remember you i asked what i did.

The first part, before it was edited, was flagged for it being off topic. Which idk how me asking if you were joking or not when making a “call out” thread was off topic. And then the second part, after it was edited, was flagged for it being inappropriate. Which nothing seemed inappropriate to me but what do I know :woman_shrugging:

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Your videos were some of the most helpful and watched content in the wd community. I think a lot of people have watched you at least once so you’re not all that „unknown“ :wink:


Sounds like a challenge for rap battle :smirk:


An epic rap battle of history type of deal? :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

OMG SHIVVVVVVV yaaaaaaaaaaasssss let’s fight!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Welcome back Shiv :hugs:

For those who weren’t there back then:


It’s been a while. I remember being pretty disappointed when I came back to the game and realized you stopped uploading :slightly_smiling_face:

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Uh it was a joke Soul which some jokes I still don’t understand. I don’t know the intentions of some human beings other than myself when I get mad at people. Then there are those people who easily take offense of everything which is either me half the time or 100% of the time and I actually flag certain comments that kinda deserve flagging but the flag system is kinda dumb.

I agree. I feel like the auto flag should be a little smarter. Like if a post is flagged for being inappropriate, the bot should be able to maybe look at the post to see if someone dropped the F bomd, the N word, the R word, or something like that. But flagging something as inappropriate, even though the post wasnt offense or anything, and the bot just hidding it without looking is dumb.

Even if it was a joke it made no sense to flag the post twice, wasting staffs time to look at the hidden post.

People… I love them.

Oh well people not my problem until I make it my problem :joy::joy::joy:

Welcome back! By the way, your videos were great. They had good intros and were great videos to pass to newer players (no offense to anyone in CF but a lot of the videos are aimed at the WD veterans) and I liked that you included blooper runs when flying new dragons.


Shiv was CF tho.

Mods and forum overlords please do not ban or flag or whatever Shiv. We are still trying to work out when we have our fight to the death.