Camera zooming issues in 3.70


Anyone has a new workaround to zoom in and out in Beta? sometimes you move your fingers a little bit and it zooms all the way in and vice versa.

I prefer the old version better

@PGDave are there any way to fix this? it’s very hard to move around the map when you only have 2 main options either zoom in very close or very far away.

Thank you


The zoom is super laggy right now, and it’s the top usability item for Atlas. We started working on it right after we submitted 3.70 … I don’t think it is going to be ready for the small update next week, but it will definitely be in 3.80. I know that’s a few weeks away and more than any of us want to wait, but I think it will be much, much better. At least that’s what I believe after extensive conversations and planning around it (but no deep playtesting yet … still very much a work in progress).


Glad it isnt just me


Zoom in workaround is use double taps to zoom in, not pinches. The double taps zoom a specific ammount.
When zooming out… just play with it, sorry :man_shrugging:t2:


@Doc thanks, had the same problem so I need to try this!

@PGDave Glad it’s still being worked on, I’m still looking forward to the 4-stage zoom.
By the way, the locking North is a great feature, very much appreciated!


Me too! The major performance improvements for zooming got through QA last night … so they will be in Tuesday’s 3.71 update! The 4-stage zoom is a bigger undertaking, but is on track for the 3.80 update next month (less than a month from now).


Lots of great ideas happening in beta, but with current execution, the hand is too big for the cookie jar. As long as it continues to be this laggy/buggy/unmanageable, there’s not much point in it. I find it more frustrating than rewarding.


I hear you Rim and completely agree. The good news is the camera is way, way better in 3.71 which should be out Tuesday. Can’t wait.


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