Campaign for a mine of fragments


Campaign for a mine of fragments

I want to propose that PG include a new structure for the next updates, a mine of fragments, that can mine elemental fragments and fire and ice, and maybe even black pearls,

I know that scalping elementary fragments is a way of locking to give more challenge and maintain some balance in the game, but …
makes it very difficult to approve the portencial of so many Flak torrres, even more with the new earth tower,

so I ask you to study the creation of a new mining structure for fragments that are used in the construction of the premium and flak towers


All bases have that level one ruby mine that does nothing. I doubt this will even be considered


Who knows, may be encouraged a little in making this structure that produces some elementary fragments …


ooorrrr bring back the old idea of the salvage shop where you could trade useless garbadge for useful things for ridicoulos high costs


Literally, you can mine (well, hunt) chests.
About 6/999 chance for gold.


PG made the mistake of allowing people to harvest their own in game currency in a previous game. Eventually no one needed to spend any money any more. This is highly unlikely to happen again.


I feel like, considering all the continual issues with the game that still need to be addressed, this would just take development time away from the more critical issues.


But this is also a great idea.
I loved it


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