Can anyone help me with team wiki?

Bit of noobie when it comes to team wiki.
Was wondering is it possible to do links to sites as I have seen a couple of sites that would help my team out with breeding and base building.
I have a feeling that the answer will be no.
I was all ways told if you don’t ask you will never know.
Thank you in advance for your info.

You can’t link but you can have it there so they can copy and paste. Sorry. :rose:

only copy and paste… or if your team uses line app i would recommend to put the Links in a Note

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What the others have said, we have a separate line group specifically for info regarding the game, everyone updates it when ever there is information that other teammates may find useful, pretty good tbh really helpful

Make sure to include

Red and her gang has put a lot of great work into this new site

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