Can anyone please share me the link where I can know how much wood and elements need for level up each towers

I need link where I can know how much resources need to level up tower

I think Morreion is pissed lol.
Here ya go.


just go use sami sheet its fort planner

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Already mentioned by @Prince above, but Here is the link:

Scroll down then click on “Fortification Planner”. :wink: :+1:

Thanks to Zami, Kate, etc… and our favorite “MechCat”. :slightly_smiling_face:


Dark Flak:
Fire Flak:
Electro Flak:
Earth Flak:
Ice Flak:
Archer Tower:
Cannon Tower:
Red Mage Tower:
Blue Mage Tower:
Lightning Tower:
Crystal Howitzer:

Whew that was a lot of work hope I covered everything :grin:


why do that when the link above adds it all up and how many u need

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I’m a nice guy :grin:

lol u did to much work this very simple

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That is very confusing :joy:

how you just input numbers lol

fine ya got me :smile:

You know, you would think the spreadsheet would be fairly simple to follow just looking at it, but I have had to explain it step by step for others. Once they got it, they realized why so many use it. I had to do the same thing to help some (not the same people) understand Red’s Paths a few months back. If this is something that is needed, let me know and I’ll see about recording a video on how to use the fort planner step by step.


If you wanna plan the event you can also go here.

Good job! :grin:

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