Can anyone suggest a breeding guide that goes past garanet (emerald-harbinger) main focus hunters?

The one I’m following right now is this one

There are a couple dragons non-hunter in it, but their needed to breed all the diff hunters. only prob is this guide only goes through garnet.

Getting read to push into Sapphire next breeding, wanted to another guide that focuses on hunters and goes all the way to align the two and see if i should make any changes while i still have time to alter paths.


Check Red’s master guide (too lazy to pick the correct one :sweat_smile:)


I’m no expert, but I think that path might be pretty outdated… looks overly expensive. I don’t know of any hunter-focused ones, but Red has quite a few paths to choose from. Take a gander and maybe there’ll be one that suits you. :grin: :t_rex:

I think Red’s A&A paths tend to be fairly hunter focused, but you’ll probably want an Icicle path if you’re after a stronger base, especially if you’re a bit behind on your breeding.


@LizDrakemoor not behind on breeding just wanted to find a breeding guide to align with the one i pointed out. Ill look at reds again but I thought that one was all dragons. I guess ill have to re-check it out. lmk if you know any others that are solely hunter focused like the one above.

Everything you want can be found here:

Reds AA3 path will get you hunters up to Xenot. The path you posted is definitely an old one.

For how much you’re on forums, I’m kinda surprised you’d ask this, lol.


kk thnx @Mike1005 and others

just wanted to get peoples opinions on it and see whats up.

I didn’t know reds had all those different versions of the diff saph/garnet and other paths. sweet thanks. thats even better than the old one i was using. and yeah ik that ones old, but it streamlines hunters. i wasn’t aware reds was updated like this recently. its been the same for awhile. thanks ladies nd gents.

also i don’t wanna breed dragons non-hunter aside from a few till i hit the glass ceiling x<300 when i have to wait to breed harbinger at that point. i figured id go back then and fill in the needed ones and follow a guide by jumping around a bit to hit the needed blanks @Lutrus which of AAs would you recommend for reds? aa1, aa2, aa3, aa4 or aa5?

Her A&A 2 and 3 paths lead off into 6 different options for the Obsidian & Harbinger tiers, while her A&A 4 and 5 paths lead to only 3 different path options for the Obsidian and Harbinger tiers.

All of the A&A paths are are identical until you reach step 13 (where you breed A&A) after that, they diverge.

Before you pick which one you want, you might want to peruse the Obsidian & Harbinger options.

You should explore if switching to Icicle is better for you in the long run. Less tokens required and better dragons.

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If your just pushing sapphire, I think you need to evaluate all your goals aside from just getting hunters. The whole purpose for a breeding path is saving tokens so you aren’t breeding recklessly. If you want stronger dragons, I1 or AA3 seem to be good bets. If you want to level quickly to utilize your divines sooner, I’d go with I4.

I was set on I1 for months until a conversation with Tinsir where I decided the token saving from I4 is the best path for me. As much as I want Hau, the token saving is better.


Definitely a conversation worth having. I went with I1 and I’d do it again. But I know other people who wish they had went I4 for the savings.


Sometimes a strictly hunter path may not be the best. Try to find a path that leads you to the few key dragons you want.

My recommendation is icicle4 to S Rhyo RKD 2 I believe it’s called now.

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If you’re not oberleveled, Icicle 1 is the best choice due to the Hauhest start.


You could also take a look at the Obsidian - Harbinger paths and see which Sapphire - Emerald paths can get you there. Let me know if you need any specific help by tagging me or sending me a PM. Always happy to help if I can.


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