Can be closed - ty!

Language: English
Time Zone: Central (irrelevant though)
Played time: One year this summer
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Working in platinum

Note: I’m looking for preferably platinum league but if I get Gold l I’ll inquire, that would be my minimum. :+1:

About: I’ll note that I work 4, 10 hour shifts a week so don’t expect that I’m on 24/7 but I get on in the mornings, during lunch and in the evening times and I’m off on the weekends. I’ve also never missed a war (except when I was away on a week vacation or I’ve been unable to hit due to lack of players on the enemy side :woman_shrugging:) Message me in game for more questions :hugs:. I’ve also been an officer in a guild that the leader stopped playing for so sadly we all went our separate ways so I have experience helping support a team :+1:

I’ve got a few openings in my Gold 1 Team, I776. Check us out :+1:

Hi Grody,

We have a player that is taking a break so are looking for someone to join us. We’re plat4, team is called Bridgeburners :blush:.

Hope to hear from you soon


We are plat 2 team, Shahappens looking for players and have many players around lev 100 , spread out in world with majority in US. We have few low 200s and are holding fort well even against teams with 300+ in wars and have a good win-loss ratio around 3.5-4 wins per loss atleast.
Please check us out.
You can pm me, leader or any officers if you are interested. :slight_smile:

Hi there:)
We are a Plat4 team on our way up the leagues (Going to Plat3 soon). We have a great group here of fun and supportive peeps with tons of game knowledge and would love to welcome you:) The team name is BackDownNever you can apply directly or message me in game IGN KasiopeaBDN


I am an officer in NorthernEmpire. We are currently Plat IV. I work a similar schedule to you and it’s not been an issue. We are a family and you would be most welcome here. Come check us out :blush:

Thank you all for your interest but I found a team! :blush::blush: