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Lv 168 KingBreezy337 – Plat > Sapphire

Language: English
Time Zone: CTS
Played time: 2 years?(started at the end of Skarr’s season)
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Sekhem, Necryxxx(Grogg Rider), Aibrean(rider), Enki, Sage(Rider), Tarand, Kelvin(Rider)
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sekhem/Anapa, 420/1000 for Apophet

About: Daily player that’s not afraid to help out a teammate, whether it be for RSS or backup, would love for teammates to have the same attitude. Very active in events/wars. I’m also an experienced Atlas player, I have lvl 2 sieger,basic lvl 5 fighter, and all other primarchs could be leveled up to two. :+1::handshake:

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TheLastSparta is currently at Gold I — we will be Platinum soon.
We recently merged with another team and are stronger than ever. We value loyalty and like friendly competition amongst our team.

We also just got Atlas from the lottery, and would value your input and experience.

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Thanks, but I would much prefer at least Plat1-S team. I’ll look you guys up anyway👍

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Hey King. The Unf0rgiven is currently recruting. We’re a S3 team with Atlas. We would certainly need a player like you:)

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Coldbrewcrew is plat 1

It may be too late, but TheSeekers are always a great option.

If your still looking check us out at DeathorHonor

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