Can healing potions be rss to share amongst teammates?

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No, because if you can share heal potions then that feature will be exploited big time.
In addition, please use the search function before posting next time as this topic has been brought up multiple times already, and said no to each time.

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I want this feature but I doubt it will be implemented.

Instead of sharing healing potions between teammates, what do you think of the idea of maybe having a “team vault” where items could be earned and then used by the team?

AKA instead of a monument drop giving you a single healing potion, have it give one healing potion to you and one healing potion to the team vault.

Then whenever someone on the team runs out of a certain item, they can use one from the team bank. It would be almost like an emergency stash that 98% of the team wouldn’t ever need to touch, and it wouldn’t hurt anybody on the team, but it would help out that 1 or 2 people on the team who run shy on one resource.

Alternately there could be a very small withdrawal amount possible (maybe 10) so that once a player reached zero, they could make a withdrawal of that item. Not sure exactly how to implement but this is done in lots of other games out there like WoW where officers can decide how many stacks of items can be withdrawn per day etc.


Personally I would be afraid of a lazy player taking everything for themself. Even if the leadership could regulate how much could be withdrawn each day there is always the next day and the day after that to get stuff.
I like the idea though

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Oh agreed, that’s why there has to be some type of mechanism for limiting benefits while not hurting the players themselves.

My suggestion of basically 2 healing potions being earned instead of a single one (1 personal, 1 for the team) would cover not hurting the rest of the team who had the sufficient resources to play.

My suggestion of officers limiting how many of X items that can be withdrawn per day could cover part of the lazy problem, but would help people out who were really in need of it.

Either way, some other conditions or suggestions could be put into place as well for this.

Have a banker like in atlas that gives out the banked resources and potions.


Banker or officer or someone.
Could be either directly transferred like a bank, or could be some type of auto request system up to a certain limit that is set by a banker or officer.
Or a combination of both.

Either way having some “team supplies” might make things a bit easier in the newer/lower leagues for everyone to keep participating as a team.

We would also need some type of way to prevent cheating, and that might be some type of hard limit system for how many of each item can leave a bank per day, or what the max transfer is per month type thing to prevent someone from making an alt team and filling it then bringing in their main to obtain the items.
Maybe put a probation period where you need to be a member of the team for 7 or 30 days before you can receive items from a team bank? Would also prevent people from team hopping so often.

While I do like the idea in an ideal world, I can’t imagine this ever being implemented based on the current game dynamics.

Look at how many Atlas infrastructure towers were rolled back due to them being leveled up by cheating. Anything with team pooled rss can easily be abused. Let’s say someone hacked a bunch of potions, speed-ups, or whatever could be pooled and non-cheaters used them. Should their accounts be rolled back due to using hacked goods, even though they didn’t know? Or a team intentionally brings in hackers to boost their legit accounts and just keeps streaming them after they get banned. We all know that happens and the team pleads ignorance since you can’t prove it was intentional.

Like I said, if you could guarantee a game without the ability to cheat and exploit, I would love this idea. But that isn’t the current state of the game.

I’m trying to maneuver around this whole issue lol. So bear with me for a few lines.

If someone brings in a cheater to the team and they “hack a bunch of potions for the banks”, then this would certainly be a problem if the bank is free to send out items at will/request. It’s because of this issue that i originally suggested that this only be accessible if a person is entirely out of this specific item. If a person is out of this item, that means that they have used them all up, and they aren’t really stock piling a bunch of healing potions for a later date. When they run out, they are automatically refilled to say 10. That means that the maximum effect that a hacker can have is limited to these 10 potions but only to a few members of the team which doesn’t sound like a very big scope of cheating overall.

I do NOT think that speedups should be able to be pooled. My initial thoughts were daily consumables such as:

  • Healing potions
  • Tower boosts
  • Dragon boosts
  • Defense Items (shield, armor, hammer)
  • Not entirely sure about spell consumables, but perhaps the ones that drop (aka not inner fires or xp boosts)

These are pretty standard items that lots of teammates have a bunch of, but at the same this will provide a pretty big benefit to some less active players in lower leagues who don’t get the platinum or sapphire or diamond level prizes and are sometimes scarce on these resources.

Would this help to alleviate some of the concerns? Is there anything else that i have missed that is glaring?

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The only items that give me hesitation are the defense boosts like hammers. Otherwise most of those items really wouldn’t have much impact even if it were abused. Your idea sounds good if the items are limited to low impact items.

On a side note, I personally think they should get rid of potions. Just let people attack and use their dragons whenever they want. I have almost 15k potions and virtually everyone on my team doesn’t even worry about potions since they have enough not to think about it. It seems like the potions impact lower leagues and I would rather see them active and streaming attacks for fun to get them to enjoy the game rather than being forced to log off for their dragons to heal.


Well the way i look at it, hammers are for defending the team as a whole aren’t they? Does it really matter who uses that hammer? It only matters that they hammer is used for the teams benefit in a war or defense scenario. I know that people like to compare their hammer stashes (or lack there or lol) but as a whole if your team can amass 5000 hammers to use for war defenses wouldn’t you be better off if everyone on the team could take a few for the next defense if you ran out? You would only be able to grab like 10 or so at a time but it’s better than half the team sitting at zero and not joining defense runs because they aren’t as effective a defender as others who have the hammers to spend.

Long paragraph for a simple hammer explanation, i need to learn to control myself.

I kinda agree with potions. Would be nice to be able to fly any dragon for any purpose and not fly ember 99% of the time just due to the healing time.


I guess from my experience, organizing defenses and seeing who has a lot of hammers for defense was always a strategy. Put the people with hammers on high level defense duty. If everyone could just grab them it would change that. Would that necessarily be a bad thing? No. But that was the only item on your list IMO that could actually impact the game on a greater level than simply potions and stuff.

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I’m 100% for ditching potions altogether and the idea of a team vault is a good one for everything you can forge. I really miss the recycling center and have wished they would bring it back but this could be a step up. I also think that not only having one go into it as you earn one but being able to deposit your excess for dust could be ideal.

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Reading your post gave me a different idea. What about a team forge that the officers could control what is forged? Then the officers can send those items to players? But let’s say you could forge 10 items at a time. Then give them to teammates either if they need them or as prizes for team competitions. Perhaps it could be introduced in Atlas as a new infrastructure similar to a team bank and you can level it up to forge more/better items? Or tie it into the refinery?

@mechengg - thoughts on a team forge?

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