Can I have another Farm please?

I mean it would only be fair


Say whaaattt!?

You can only have a farm if you build 2 ballistas to guard your base as well


Seems fair.

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I can do that, no problem, I want that extra food for the feeding event!



I think it’s not as crazy as the guy (forgot the name) who has 4 farms and 4 mills.
(I think he has been banned though)

Haha yes banned after I reported his ass. He wasn’t happy and got some hippy friend to farm me. Didn’t work cos they can’t fly for shite.


You really want more farms? I would be happy if I could store two of mine.

I’m not trying to be condescending.

Reported this base over a week ago ans got answer that they will look into it but oh well still nothing. Must have been nice to have 3 lumber mills for fortification event.

I bet back when mills had 30m HP this would have been deadly haha.

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PG glitched, they know about it, I’ve written to them the last I was dragged through the Facebook groups. I was rearranging one day, farm went away. I built another and complained to PG about all the wood I was gonna lose out on. They looked in my game logs, found I had an existing mill and put the original farm back but the second one, I can’t get rid of.


Lol thats so funny, hope they will fix your base then. I am glad you respond here.

I’m more than happy to explain to anyone in game who asks. I’d really rather not get banned.

But its more fun that way…

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