Can I have my atlas back now


Since update have been hitting mines… been told its being looked at also told will be fixed on next up date but when is all I wanna know!


Tap the three dots in the lower right -> settings -> disable team colors

What does it look like then? Though, I don’t think it’ll help with the actual structures rendering, at least it won’t be as blinding.


Ooooh didn’t think of this… didn’t help but ooooh was I excited for a moment lol also no region pop up thing now is amazing! So thank you for that!!!


:rofl: different than mine then but at least there was some benefit from it


And still no update still no atlas but hey hAve a new dragon lol


I’ve the same problem, friends


10 days and counting obviously not a major concern because it only effects a few players but damn my team is probably sick of me asking for poacher coordinates…
Hurry up new update!


Me too, i can’t attack poacher and gold mine… i’m just can blind click to attack


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