Can I play war dragons now I've already missed 3 days I'm a nervous wreck without my team

Can I play the game now I am 3 days behind schedule …help me out please

? Just playing the game should be fine.
However, I doubt you can join event.

It sounds like OP has issues getting into the game, unless I’m interpreting it wrong. They asked for help. However we can hardly help if we don’t know the issue.


Welcome to the forum! May I introduce you to a very useful tool called the Search option ?
It will greatly help you go through the maze that is the forum and allow you to find other threads previous players have made about the burning questions you might have concerning the game.

Also if you haven’t already done so you should raise a ticket about your issue if you’re having troubles getting into the game. You can access the support through your web browser or ingame via settings and account tab.

Good luck, I hope you will find the solution to your problem! :wink:

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Jack please stop spamming :weary: or be more informative. seeing the same sentence in every thread is annoying already.


@DRAGNHARTDUK63 can you please explain more about your situation here?

Like freeze during loading, locked account, etc.

Assuming that you cannot load the game, or cannot see your pgid

Thank you for saying it :rofl:


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