Can I please have a I don’t want a team invite button/switch

Hi I love playing an even love changing Teams from time to time. So when I find a team of people I like playing with an the way I like to play why do I have to suffer 20 to 40 invites a day. Don’t get me wrong I know teams need new members an I don’t blame them for inviting. I can’t read my other messages, there is no easy way to delete the mass without losing guild messages it’s madness an makes me want to turn off messages (again not an option). All I am asking is that I have a button to block these messages one you can turn on or off for when you do want the invites. This would save them wasting there invite on me an other like minded people. I find removing these unwanted invites a pain, an have many times almost accepted one in error (not impressed with the over all function of invites).
Thank you an hope there is some way to make this change.


Depends on league ur on if you get the lower the more lol i dont get non thx god

I would see that issue as an isolated incident. I rarely get an invitation to another team, so it’s not bothering me at all. And I guess, the higher you get in the rankings, the fewer mails of that sort, you will receive.

When I chilled for some weeks in a lower league, a received a higher number of mails, but even then, it didn’t bother me. Just mark those mails, delete them alltogether and enjoy your team

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happening to a lot of my alts sitting at lower leagues. :man_facepalming:t2:

and it bothers me too b/c i tend to keep my mailbox clear. :confused:

i’d like an option like this too.