Can I say anything other than disappointment

It’s been fun and a long ride, it’s probably been more than 300k in this game but I’m just saying that PG was different in the early years, if I decide to stay it’s because of the people, my team and all our friends


Requesting clarification. 300K in monies?


300k USD?? :scream:

Or 300k Rupees??:smirk:

This is disappointing as far as what they do

Yep, totally agreed

Dammmmmn 300k on a mobile game. That’s crazy

300k$$? :scream::scream: Daaaammmmnnn

300,000… how in the f***. why in the f*** lol

his towers are all maxed

On behalf of all the non / low spenders, thank you for subsidising the game for us.

I’ve spent about $30 on this game, and I thought that was too much…


You go Blaze!!
I can’t imagine being at a point in my life where that amount could be a luxury for me to spend on entertainment.
In my almost 5 years, I’ve spent under $50 +/- and I am done. The little things like not giving me Ember’s next stone because my receipt was older than 2weeks finished me off to a permanent free player. I told them they could keep their precious stupid stone (Yeah I’m still mad about it :joy:)

@Blaze i get what you are saying. The only thing that keeps me playing this game is this community and my team. Nothing else. During this hard times of social distancing and quarantine this game has been a salvation.

I think one of the main issues is they promised atlas would change and it wouldn’t be fast but we are over half a year or more later since pg said atlas would change. Very few dragons can compete at top level right now. If you didn’t get Noc to deal with 100s your kinda screwed. And we haven’t gotten a single new event in regular game since kingdom wars. Dungeons haven’t come back for over 6 months. So I have now used two tiers of lineage dragons that can’t kill a single tower at their intended level and unless you buy seasonal mythics right off the bat your screwed right now.