Can I take over your Atlas team? 🐌

Like many others, we have a member who is a leader of her own team and hopes of acquiring Atlas for her team has been stomped and ground into dust. :confused:

So the only hope now is to take over an existing Atlas team. If you have a team, please contact me. I’ll give you her contact info and ya’ll can chatter about it …

Edit: She is an upright and kind person so would treat any members who decide to stay on well. :slight_smile:


I’m still looking …

Yep, still looking :eyes:

Ask your friends in Plat to check their LC to see if any team is disbanding/collapsing

There are many teams in plat with atlas that disband :woman_shrugging:

Can I get a list of their names? Thank you :grin:

I can’t remember :woman_shrugging: i’ll check my league for you

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Didn’t see any

They aren’t easy to come by. Letting go of your team permanently can be emotionally difficult.

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Even moving on when it’s past time to do so can be emotionally difficult. I literally CRIED when I left the Platinum 4 team I had been on for 2 years. (It was my choice to leave :laughing: They didn’t kick me out :sweat_smile:)


Hey sam, you could try reaching out to MythicDragons in platinum, they might have Atlas and are collapsing rn


Thanks gonna peek :grin:

Looking again …

Team found! Thank ya’ll for your help, it couldn’t have been done without you! :hugs:


@moderators you can close this thread. :grin:

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Okay :ok_hand: