Can i use this tip for extra eggs for research?

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I’m not sure if anybody had already asked this one. So i’m now far behind in research and i don’t have enough eggs for my science experiment. Is this thing true? If it’s true, how many tokens do i need to get these extra eggs? _20180604_183241

Probably, but this one is a bit more up to date and complete:


Use the dragon manager link for sure. It has more options for you to choose from as well as costs per egg.

You can also find more combinations for yourself on that site in the “Breeding” section and choosing to breed the lowest rarity dragons that are available in each tier


Personally I’d say that tip is really only applicable if you are in the platinum tier or below. Once you hit the sapphire wall, you want all your tokens going towards your dragons, unless there is some extremely vital research you want done.


Someone put ferga instead of frigg

Thanks for sharing!


Pro Tip
Once you get your first obsidian, it may be worth your while (depending on research, player level, and token progress) to look into getting the platinum 5% construction bonus. The game bottleneck shifts from tokens to timers in a huge way, and the lower level you are the more it will effect you. So start slowing down your leveling as you approach obsidian, save your tokens, and then spend 150k or 200k egg tokens on the construction bonus (1 months worth for some folks) and get a huge benefit timer wise for the rest of the game


So ignore research for the most part from sapphire to your first obsidian :slight_smile: I am not at that point yet so I can’t say from personal experience how the game shifts.

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The basics are below. You can see the huge XP jump from emerald to obsidian.

To make this more clear:
Total XP column refers to the total accumulated player experience points that is acquired by leveling up your towers



Now i see the pain in the as* to max out noctua :slightly_smiling_face:

16.5mil to expert a mythic obsidian? Or is that just the last level?

That’s the total XP throughout all its levels… I think? :t_rex:

That’s so low lol… 13mil levels my harbinger once

Edit, 18mil

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Lol damn. Now I’m confused :rofl: :t_rex:

You definitely need kayla for him :joy::joy::joy:

Guys guys guys.


AKA you gaining levels. Since the jumps between levels aren’t the same amount, you can’t compare just levels to each other.

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he might mean account XP

We thought you meant dragons :joy: you were about to make my breed event a lot easier… have to run girasol to 16

Hahaha yeah sorry mate

Sooo … the table is telling me that I’m barely halfway to obsidian :face_with_monocle:

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