Can not upgrade

Have a purple egg and a level one egg but it won’t let me upgrade my storage so I can upgrade my incubator. I can’t seem to touch any building or plot of land to build or upgrade

Storage requires farms and mills upgrade.
Both requires builder hut upgrade…

Not level 7 to upgrade hot but if I had enough wood I it will allow me to upgrade the incubator

What does it say when you try to upgrade your storage?

I can’t click the building won’t let me touch anything unless it got a bubble over it

Could you take a screenshot and show me? You can upload photos to the forums here.

I can click three bubbles and open things but it won’t let me click the building’s

So it seems you’re still in the tutorial mode. Do you not have any red dragons you can incubate?

No I past all them

And your incubator is too low a level to hatch your purple dragons which it cannot upgrade due to your storage being too low? Is that correct?

Yes that is

@PGJared and @Arelyna - can we fix this for her please?

If possible, can you ss the lineage list in the breeding castle?
I believe that in tutorial, we’re forced to breed certain dragons continuously.

Everything I go in it wants me to incubate the purple one and like I said I can’t do anything

Have you created a ticket in game yet? If so, what is the number?

No don’t know what that is or how to do just started this game

This is how you file a ticket in game for support:

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Hopefully they will reply to you soon and sort this out

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