Can PG see league chats?

Can the devs see league chat?
I would appreciate if my report would ne looked at pretty soon.

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it’s not an instant action.

You report it, it goes to their report log. They can’t skip other reports just because you reported someone.

Also, just because you reported someone, doesn’t mean that they will get a permanent account ban.

Most chat report results in temporary chat ban depending on the severity of what the reported player says. If it’s severe, then a permanent chat ban would be given if they see it as a proper punishment.

The admins see league chat. If you used the report button, they will look into it, but it may take a while.

They can see them.

If you flagged the inappropriate material, you can submit a ticket too. If you didn’t flag, you may be SOL… It’s a lot for them to look through.

They use to chat in D1 quite a bit… I haven’t seen them do that in a while though.

mature content filter works I think

That just jumbles offensive words

block button works I think

Yes it does

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It filters some of the weirdest things like chin, poop, and nazi. I kept it on for a while just because I think finding new odd words that it censors is funny lol.

Back on topic, they weren’t cussing at her. They were just trying to be nasty. So only the block and report button would have helped. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It also blocks poof for some reason,
You try to say: and poof! I was dead.
And it goes: and $&#%! I was dead.


I knew I was forgetting one! :joy:

Probably a leftover from the “gay slurs from the 70s” blacklist…

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The list of words blocked is rather humorous.

I learned some new “offensive” terms I didn’t even know.

I was in a league with a team whose name was always scrambled. Turns out it was a bad word in Norwegian.

No, you don’t get to know.

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