Can riders have a pre set gear

A option to change gear when the rider switches dragons that are a different element instead of doing tedious one by one removal of gear to for the element of that dragon the rider has a pre-selected gear when not worn by another rider already set can have the ruby amount already to pay when players switches gear they pay the ruby amount and the gear is removed and that pre selected gear is applied I believe players would give a positive response

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It probably took you longer to type your post than it takes to change gear around…

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So you’re gonna poke fun at someone with a disability that effects one’s neurological functions

Did you say anywhere in your post that you had a disability? I don’t see it so how would anyone know that. Seems like you’re just the type of person that wants people to feel bad for them with that type of post. Just so you know no one feels bad for you when you act like that

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I wasn’t looking for anyone sympathy mind you I can act out but I have mannerisms back to the topic

Seems unnecessarily complicated. Id rather just see a remove all gear option to remove up to all 8 pieces at once from a rider instead of needing to select them 1 by 1

Also please stop trying to create an argument where there is none. Nothing Nulla said had anything to do with poking fun at anyone


Anyways that option is a good but having the ability to equip all the gear as well as the remove option you suggested is good like on GOW they had a preset for gear for your hero

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