Can some one explain why my team cant have over 50ppl.join in the event?

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Teams are limited to 50 people, thus only 50 people can participate for your team. Historically there was an issue where top teams would drop to Bronze, get easy points, and return to help their team win. This mechanic disallows that.


So i gess what im really asking is why it says i can have 100ppl on my team .if thay cant join in events ? Thats not to fare . Some one told me to stop recruiting because it can block higher lvl team players from joining in event?is this true

You cannot have 100 people on your team. Where do you see this.

Bringing in anyone after the event island is up has the potential of possibly blocking your existing players from participating, correct.

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It stats i have 45 out of 100 possible team members in my team hut at the top of the page . And thank u for your help .

You’re probably looking at team activity level, which shows /100. But teams only have 50 members.

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Maybe looking at team activity…

There are two numbers…

Current Members: # out of /50

Team Actvitiy: # out of /100

45 activity out of 100 that’s very low activity, time to kick and invite :eyes:


This post made me sad…

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I like that they added that to the in game mail (or at least I noticed it this time)

Felt the same way :pleading_face:

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