Can someone explain how this makes sence, Glory amounts Atk vs Def

Okay so the bottom report is a defence report when i got attacked, and I killed 2.5k of their troops and earned 1.2k glory. Later i then attacked a player and killed 7.5k of their troops, and still only got 1.2k glory. Both players were about double my level, when i attacked it was for 91% glory i believe. But how does killing 3x more troops render same amount of glory??? Does PG want everyone in atlas just to be on defence and screw the idea of attacking?

Glory in attack is capped by 1.5 times the troops you lost. So there seems nothing wrong in this.
And during defense, Rusher gives maximum glory.
It all makes sense from current mechanics.

I think if you kill 10x the troops, there should be a bonus of some kind. Sometimes I don’t even bother to defend because I know if I don’t lose enough troops, I won’t get very much glory. Kinda dumb. :woman_facepalming:

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I thought you gain glory by the amount of enemy troops killed vs my own? So in other words, should i attack with my Rusher, the defender, so more of my troops die too thus giving me more glory points?

I just found and re-read the main points explaining glory points. I must have read over that 1.5x max possible points of my troops dying. But thinking about it that is crazy. You would think that my attack on him would reap greater rewards. Its almost like if I killed a ton of his troops with very minimal losses, I’m being punished or I’m losing as well. But doing almost 10:1 kill ratio, the rewards in my oppion should be much greater as i felt like i kicked his a** lol until i saw the small amount of glory i earned :confused:

I don’t really know the reason and understand where you are coming from. And since I am fairly new to atlas, I only have fighter so my troops due quite a bit. So I seem to get decent glory.
My guess it it’s to stop abuse of some sorts but who knows 🤷🏻

It was designed this way as one of many layers of anti griefing measures. The theory being you wouldn’t lose many troops crushing low levels so you’d be encouraged to seek out more competitive match ups. Perhaps an unintended side effect is the quickest (not the longest range most efficient, but quickest) way to get glory in a hurry is to attack with rusher, or attack kind of poorly so you lose more troops etc.

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probably not really unintended. more troops lost = more money for PG. Who knows :man_shrugging:

Though this idea is tempting, it comes with severe side effects. You will earn the maximum glory if you kill 2x or more than what you lose. This eliminates the perverse incentive to only seek out 10x kill ratios … it essentially frees teams to fight equals (a 2x ratio is what you get from a 5-flame attack against an equally strong defender) because the rewards are just as good for blowing up an equal as they are for blowing up a much weaker opponent. Killing more than 2x troops is still a great tactical outcome (you keep more of your troops to fight other enemies, take more castles, better defend your land, etc.) but prizes are aligned such that you don’t need to pick on the weakest player you can find in order to get the best rewards.

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Thank you for clarifying the reasoning behind that. I agree with the intention. :+1:

Not sure I follow. If i get the same for a weaker as an equal…I will blow up the weaker all day.

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