Can someone help me understand how to use chest sequencing please?

Hello all,

I’m struggling to understand how to use chest sequencing. Can someone help me pls. Specifically super sigs

Wait till release of sequence

Open chests till you know where you are only look at legendary and above as that’s what’s posted

See what’s in front of you decide if it’s worth opening really if your close to a lot of the big drops

If not wait till next week and just open.

Just gives you a feel for what you can get this week and next week let’s you know when you should stop or if like the 5k is one open away.

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You have to open some chests first (maybe 50 chests) and look at the legendary drops. Try to find the same pattern in the sequence to see where you are. There are only legendary drops in the sequence.

Based on that you can choose to keep opening chests for the 5k drop, or if you’re too far away you can wait for next week.

Hope this makes sense.

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Thank you so much

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face: