Can someone please explain how enhancing a rune on my monument decreased by base's defense?

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or if anyone can point me to an existing thread regarding this, much appreciated!

it should not happen. its probably a coincidence most likely u run out of 30% boost at the same time as u enhanced it.


Details please…

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I made sure all my monuments were boosted, that gave me 48.5 mil defense. I had an epic fire flak attack glyph already mounted on my kill island monument. after I enhanced it twice, to max level, my base’s defense in only 47.5mil. (I did also try taking the newly enhanced glyph off, rebooting, then re-mounting it, same decrease of 1mil showing)

Chances are the recent changes to runes have made things a little iffy. I wouldn’t worry. Defence numbers are wildly inaccurate and a massively misleading representation of a bases strength anyway.

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Sometimes DP lags , like sometimes after I out my defense rider back , it doesn’t change automatically , but when I boost monuments or upgrade runes it updates , maybe that’s what happened to you , maybe a stored tower or something?

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