Can someone plz help with this. This is ridiculous i have energy and cant attack



Everytime i try to attack in event it keeps saying sync error and it wont let me submit a ticket either my in game name is shockwavechuck and im leader of sonicXxflame.


My energy has transcended.
It’s not a number anymore…


@Arelyna @PGCrisis




It has been fixed now…
Earlier, restart gave me 4 additional energy, and the first run cost me 8 (ugh…)


For some reason I can’t stop laughing at that. NaN…


Been happening all event to me i just keep clearing data, restarting device and switching from wifi to cell data and back and eventually it will start working.


@OrcaFrost, glad to hear it was fixed. That is really odd for sure!

@shockwavechuck, are you still having issues?


No i am good now thanks @OrcaFrost


I think you’re thanking wrong person :sweat_smile:


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