Can support just

Is support allowed to just delete a topic if you’ve stated you don’t agree with the resolution? Because that’s what they just did to me.

They can do whatever they feel like.

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Their game, their rules lol. They’ve closed a ticket on me before without ever giving me a chance to respond. But they do email you that little survey. Write down the name of the support person and blast them on the survey


Are you talking about a support ticket or a forum post?

First tier support usually won’t have the ability to delete a ticket, and most ticketing systems are designed to never delete anything. Close or mark resolves is another thing. If you have a ticket closed, responding to it within a few days will reopen it.

If you are talking about forums posts, there are folks who can delete or close your post. It’s also possible your post was combined/merged into another thread if you have a topic there is already a thread for.

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Support ticket. Not a forum post. I was under the impression shutting down a ticket before a resolution was reach was THE mortal sin for a support group. Pls feel free to close the topic.

Since you asked so nicely :slight_smile: If you change your mind, just PM the mods :kissing_heart:

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