Can’t access atlas

Since yesterday I haven’t been able to access atlas, I open atlas then it black screens and kicks me to my home page. It won’t let me post my recording of it happening so I’ll get the video in a bit once I find a way

Upload it to youtube and share the link here.

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Thank you
Here is the extremely short video of the bug


Tell us your iPad model & how much storage you have left & how many apps you have on in the background.

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7th generation iPad, about half storage and nothing running on in the background it’s never happened until yesterday

I’ll dig up my 7th gen. and test it.

Have you updated the game to 7.70?

It could be one of those rare occasions where updates end up corrupting one or more files, which will be fixed if you offload, uninstall, then reinstall the app, though you’ll also have to wait for the game to download atlas files as you enter Atlas for the first time after reinstallation.

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What do you mean by 7.70? Software update?

Nope, the game update from the appstore.


I have the latest update but not software update, I’ll update and let you know if it works

iOS version shouldn’t matter much unless PG specifically says certain versions won’t be supported anymore.

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Mine works fine.

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Thanks for all your help but a teammate also and the same problem and helped me to fix it

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I had this bug for a while on one of my devices. No help from PG support. Personally, I thought it might have to be with that device having less storage remaining, but after many months, it magically got better after an update. So … not storage related, in my case.

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