Can’t attack or join any games

Since updating I can’t join or defend any attacks. I can’t even attack invader and have uninstalled the game 3 times already… Issue persists…


You’re in good company: Can't access game


I’m on the same page. I can’t do a single attack or join anyone’s attack without the game closing completely or just freezing on the traveling screen

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Unable to attack or defend…

While trying to attack in atlas the game will automatically shutdown

Are you all on Android? My game is unplayable since update. Can’t attack without freezing!

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I’m on iOS and issue persists

I’m able to attack and defend if I switch my device to my iPad but on my iPhone 7… I cant join any game or defend… Game also crashes on atlas attacks


Ticket I turned in yesterday, updated below.

SweetTeganara, Jul 2, 10:06 PM PDT

I cannot attack in game. I am using an iPhone 8 plus. I cannot attack at all, core game or atlas. In core, when I try to attack I get stuck traveling. The battle matches never come up. Sometimes it simply shuts down. In atlas, it simply quits when I go to attack. When I follow or try to defend, I am immediately dropped.

I am using an iPhone 8 plus. The software is current, version 11.4. I have reinstalled more times than I can count. My graphics settings are on medium, and I tried them on low. Turned and left my phone off. Been on wifi, and not. and repeated all these things more a few times. Reinatalled again. And again. I have spent 3 hours atleast on this. I cannot mine. I cannot do egg missions. There is no war in my war dragons! My phone is used almost exclusively used for this! So memory is not an issue. What have you done? Please fix this!

PG’s response: please clarify if this happened after the update.

Seriously you ask that question?


Tell them to read.

Or ask for their supervisor

Idk switching to an iPad fixed it but unable to play on my iPhone so unsure if this issue is related to iphone users

Y’all didn’t really think PG would put out an update without breaking something did you :joy:


It would be nice to believe it’s possible… Majority of other game developers are able to patch and update without introducing more errors into the game… Maybe one day PG will reach this level…

I can’t join or attack. Stupidly, I sped up two egg missions before discovering this. Cya later rubies!

I’m on an iPhone 7. This happened before I updated. I have no iPad, or Android device capable of playing the game, so until this gets fixed there’s no eggs or gold for me today. That is a LOT to lose.

Tokens lost so far: 1530.

Lost now: 1890. And no more messages from support.

Haven’t got an update in 6 hours

Was thinking about buying a pack for the upcoming breeding, but after not being able to defend 6 atlas attacks, using 2 different devices (iOS iPhone7 and Android GS6), while being on the latest versions of the app, I’m wondering if I should bother. Could’ve sent that seiger home crying to his momma if I’d only been able to defend my base, but instead I’m staring at a revive queue that I’ll now be farming gold for days to work through. All due to game glitches. Very frustrating.

Where is the updates???

same. stuck traveling for miles…and miles…and…

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