Can’t attack or join any games


I have the same issue but the only thing I have heard from pg is that it is a known issue.They suggested eleting game and reloading. Now, i cant even recover my game, the server responds with unknown pocket id. Looks like they may have decided to quit the game for me


Whilst I agree with this sentiment, perhaps we differ on the definition of deserve in this case then.


This is a great suggestion. I’ve talked it over with the PX team and we’re going to try this for this next round of compensation.


@PGMichael Can we have the compensation today, so that we can use the items… really need eggs missed out on so much not being able to play… :pray:


Still freezing, this time not even while attacking, just on the default home screen.


Happened to me too just now after claiming some prizes. :neutral_face: :t_rex:


Guys -

Figure out what exactly you lost. Write it down. Send to PG. Make sure you show your work for full credit. :slight_smile:

I’m still fighting for my gold, but otherwise, I got what I asked for - when I showed my math.

Crashing since newest update

This is everything I detest about PG. Their game is broken which causes me to lose out on stuff. Why should I need to spend time arguing with support to get them to make me whole? It’s great that they’ve done that for you but it’s a joke that they aren’t proactive about it at all




Thank you


In cases like this, things must be settled individually. We all have different xp and egg bonuses. Some have Atlas, some don’t. Some of us got our accounts back 12 - 24 hours earlier than others.

It doesn’t take too long. And it’s worth it. Also - if they tell you no, ask to escalate. If they say no again, ask again. Took me four tickets until someone actually read what I wrote.


Yes and no. There are different individual losses. However if they simply averaged each players tokens grinded per day in the last week, gold farmed, xp gained etc they could provide a relatively close approximation to what people may have lost.

It’d be a lot of support man hours to get them to respond if every player wrote in.


I see what you’re saying. But few enough of us were affected by this. Also, I would hate to have my 240 xp averaged out with lvl 100’s…


They closed my ticket with no response :expressionless:

Amazing customer service…


They did that to me too. A few times. Keep trying.


Hi all,

I’m going to close this thread out since these issues have been resolved with the patch (DCON) that we released yesterday. If anyone is still experiencing crashes or being stuck on the loading screen, please contact support. We will need some additional info and details about your game account and device for diagnosing your issues (which might be a new one with similar symptoms as these issues). In regards to compensation on top of what we’ve already given out, each case is different (depending on the issues encountered by the player and how the account was affected). Please contact support, we’ll further review. Thanks again all!



Just wanted to let everyone know that we just sent out the apology gift for this issue. Everyone’s gift will vary since this was targeted and based on your level. We apologize again for the trouble this caused. Thanks for being patient with us. :grin: