Can’t attack twice

Hi! On this current fight pit event… does anyone know why I can’t attack a target more than once? After I attack, the button to attack again turns and remains gray for the rest of the round.

My competitor on the other hand can seemingly endlessly attack me for points. I really wish I could do the same. Only being able to attack a target once really limits my possibility for points. I don’t see this mentioned in the rules of the event.

Any insight would be helpful and appreciated!

Are you sure it’s not a different player from the same team? As far as I know none of us can hit the same person twice until you have hit enough people on their team to reset it

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It’s an intentional dynamic.

I believe on your 11th hit on the same team the first target you hit is available to hit again. And they are reset each round.

The idea being that you have to deploy some strategy in which you hit to get the best points.

Edit: I think teams that aren’t full also are more permissive in how many times you can hit a target before it grays out. But most teams I play with are always full so I don’t remember anymore exactly

Ah ok. My team only has two players and his team only has one.

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