Can’t breed divine dragons bc Red ones never available

Serious game fault that none of the divine dragons can be bred without parents but the first level red ones are never available. I have checked every event for close to a year. The limited time divine dragon offers are meaningless if you won’t give people an opportunity to breed them. Please fix this.

This is on purpose. Those are all old dragons who you either have the parents for or you don’t.

Divines are obtained in season lines now.


If you just want red tiered divine, just wait for the 9th week.


Is this a twisted version of Bring the old divines back! topic?


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@moderators, do you think what I think? :christmas_tree: :wink:

Those are dragons that have long since past, like this seasons dragons will too pass. You can’t breed them.

It’s been a while. Wonder if there’s any mod available :sweat_smile: