Can’t Claim atlas prizes



Same here.

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Im like wtf, its 730pm in here. So i need to stay awake to freakin wait till its fixed? Or they could just send me my shield i dont care about the excess


post below me answered the question :slight_smile:


Same here, rebooted phone and still not able to claim.

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Did all the TS the poor support could ever suggest.

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doesnt work for me too…


Sorry to bother you but unsure of which PG staff’s attention this should be brought to but given the season drawing to a close it is a bit time sensitive! :heart:


Same here…


Can’t claim prizes😭



now all of my siglis are gone :joy::joy::joy:


Not sure who to tag but having the same issue. Ticket has been submitted but no response yet. @PGJared @PGSqurl


Until you get a commitment from PG I wouldn’t expect them to give you your shield. I would drink some coffee. I could see them saying they have no way to know for certain you would claim shield instead of a bunch of other stuff.


Same problem here.


I have the same issue as well. It looks as though they manually extended the end time due to the update, but the code for the prizes thinks the event is over so isn’t showing the claim buttons any more :confused:


:rofl: Extended atlas season but forgot to extend prize collection… :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

You can’t write the script!


We have to be more specific in our requests.



Same issue, and time sensitive as mentioned already. Also HELP is not allowing connection for creating tickets either.


I created a ticket. They responded that they have gotten many tickets and referred the issue to the development team.

Have to wait for them to start their day