Can’t claim Sigil

The Season tab is screwed up…


@pgEcho @PGEggToken

In case you didn’t see this…

Isn’t it just kind of late loading?

No just stays like this


I have this problem too. Ive logged out, deleted the game, cleared my cache and reinstalled … twice.

PG are no help and I’m losing out on my Garnet stone and a few gold chests … plus the rest.

Perhaps ask support to manually credit you those season line items and take away your sigils. Make sure you ask ASAP before season ends!!

Found a workaround. Click one of the check marks, the claimed chest opens and you can use the right arrow to navigate to the one you can claim.
Support confirmed it as known issue @Arelyna

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If people could PM me what devices and OS they are using, that would be great!

@Arelyna Any update?

Thank you for the reminder @LegolastheElf! The update from the team is that this is happening when players have iOS 11.3 installed because it is a beta OS. Players will have to go back to 11.2 (I can’t remember if it’s 11.2.3 at the moment).

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