Can’t collect egg tokens

Usually at 3 am I can get my egg token bonus but had not been able to as others aren’t able to either I think there’s a bug @PGJared


Neither can I… just messaged PG help desk! Clock just says 23 hours


Its not working on both my accounts :man_shrugging:
Tagging @PGEggToken for egg tokens :hugs:


Think it’s part of the issue we had last night possibly :man_shrugging:

Have you tried restarting the app? Like with every other “bug” people report 30 seconds after they see it?


Yes n it’s also over a hour late as well closed app 5 times to see already know at times you have to

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3am is tokens then 4am is xp bonus and it’s 412 :+1:

Lot of other people are having this issue apparently too, including myself and other members of my team and people in LINE chats

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Our teammembers wasnt able to get daily eggtokens , and didnt get daily atlas tokens too . @pgEcho
edit: please check if its true or when something different was instead of :slight_smile: thank you

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@PGCrisis look into it please

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No daily eggs on my two accounts either.


PGEcho is atlas related employee. Its not relevant tag

Cmon lads we need our tokens especially since we just won a war

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I’ll chime in then, both accounts are having this issue. Can’t say I’ve seen this issue before. Maybe, just maybe someone at PG’s server farm tripped over the extension cord on the Nintendo 64 that’s running this game?

I tagged him specially because in Atlas it dont work aswell :wink:

The EXP multiplier has been reset for a while.
It’s weird that the token can’t be claimed…
While we tagged PGJared, has he woken up?

Not sure if he slept yet :joy::joy::joy:

At time like this, I wish PG has night shift PX…

We also have many people with same issue. Support just says to reboot device :slight_smile: