Can’t do my runs on event!

Hello, i contacted the support on game before two days for an issue in the event, but there is no response yet
I need to contribute and collect points, and there is only 2 days left!
Please, am asking for your help, and its most appreciated
Ticket number: 987341
Have a good day,

Did you switch teams part way through event?

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Yes, and i know this is the reason
The problem that i have just 26 points on the old team, and it was by mistake
As i went in a run then remembered if i collected in here i can’t do any in the new team, so i had quit the run but still got points :frowning:
And it’s preventing me from doing anything now!

That’s the way the game is designed and they WARN you. Better luck next time.

They don’t let you do event on a new team regardless of if you had points on the old team or not. Sorry.

Well you got points on your previous team so thats why you can’t contribute to your new team. And it appears you knew that so are you just asking for them to grant you a favor and bypass the rules?

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A team mate who swapped in during treasure hunt is still accruing personal points, just not contributing to team points. I think.

Yeah sorry. I didn’t specify as I’m still heated about it :joy: if you swap during treasure hunt you should be fine. If you swap during battle phase you can’t do anything.

Been like this since I started playing I think. Almost one year now. So not a new thing? :man_shrugging:

Before we could go back to the team we started on to get personal points again, I was told that’s not even an option anymore. Which causes issues for those who get kicked from teams or accidentally accept invites

I just tested this and you may be able to go back to the old team and continue to collect points. I kicked an alt from another team I have and then had them rejoin - were still able to collect points.

If you join another team, though, then go back to your original, not sure it will still work. Leaving and coming back though seems to be okay.

There may be some exceptions to this - just wish we all knew what they were lol

I might just ask my team if I can test it out to figure out what’s going on. I want a definite answer and since my alt can’t do anything right now, I can’t imagine it will hurt it.

Okay update! I just went back to the team I “started” the battle part of the event with (0 point contribution) and was allowed to collect personal prizes. Support was WRONG WRONG WRONG. It’s good to have a final answer though!


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