Can’t get a response from Support

I purchased the 4.99$ 30 day elite account and a 49.99$ pack and never received either. I messaged support and have not heard anything besides the automatic reply saying tickets been received. How hard would it be to give me what I already payed for? I guess since they started atlas they just don’t have time for regular war dragon issues?? Don’t forget everyone started playing this game for regular war dragons. Not atlas. Please just reimburse me for what I’ve already paid for!!

They’ll likely reply with something along the lines of not handling reimbursements and having to go through the applicable app store. It’s helpful if you include a ticket number as well, assuming that it’s been a day, before pinging one of the PX members on the forums (@ then their name, no space between the two). They’re also likely getting more tickets than normal, just based on what’s going on with the forums.


I…have no idea why this wasn’t picked up. I’ll get someone on it right away. That said, we can’t offer refunds but if we verify the purchase wasn’t received we can credit you what you were supposed to have.


Ok thank you sooo much!!!

They did finally reply and I sent a screenshot of the Apple receipt to them yesterday and now I’ve heard nothing else. I still haven’t been credited with either the elite or the 49.99 pack! I hope they do soon cuz I really need both. Ty again for helpin pgjared!!! :hugs:

The last comment on your ticket (469932 so I don’t have to look it up again) is from our team and gave the following request:


As per your screenshot, there is a “Receipts” tab, please select it and look for the receipt of your inquired purchases then tap on them to see the full receipt. Take a screenshot of it and send it to us. Thank you and we’ll be waiting patiently."

That message was sent 12 hours ago and has had no follow-up from you. Please respond to the ticket with the requested info so we can proceed.

I did. I sent a screenshot of the receipt!!

Your ticket doesn’t reflect that. The picture might not have gone through. There’s a picture of the purchase page you sent at 9:50pm, but at 12:58am the next day the message asking you to go to the receipt tab to pull the actual receipt was sent. Since then there has been no response.

I’ve noticed that I have to send a reply with the attachment, or the attachment doesn’t actually go through. Try that? :slight_smile:

Ok I just resent it. Thank you soo much for all your help!!

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