Can’t hit CG in game WTH

No enemy on castle and I get this

You need to remove the garrison first.

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:face_with_monocle: don’t understand if I can’t kill their CG what other option do I have

You can attack their primarch instead.

There’s a bug currently.

Yeah this has been happening to me tonight as well. You can click to attack the castle guards, select the dragon and when you load the attack screen the “Garrison Protected” pops up. Just started doing this few hours ago.

The upcoming atlas changes got turned on early. If any prim aside from defending 5TA is there, apparently CG hits are blocked.

Wtf did you pull that from? Thin air? :man_facepalming: pls say you forgot the /s

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Let’s be honest. That wouldn’t be the most surprising of blunders in PG’s releases :rofl:

…so how does anyone hit guards anymore LOLOLOL

This happened to us as well. If true, that is the most inane addition ever…

I just tried to attack a taunter and got told I was taunted… Had to attack a different taunter :man_facepalming:

What are you doing pg?

This issue came up a few times last night. Not sure why, but the same error popup.
It isn’t just one person, or team.

I just got same message. I am only primarch there attacking and all inhabitant have been wiped out.


We dont even have an official post saying they know about the bug and will fix it. It’s just castle guards I guess

Why would PG acknowledge it or even fixed it promptly. It does not affect their revenue :man_shrugging:.

Unhittable guards costs them in the long run.

I dont think they even understand that.

Couldn hit castle guards with a 15k trapper last night, and now twice again tonight. It only seems to happen when a prim that is not from defending 5TA is there, as mentioned above.

This doesn’t make sense to me from a mechanics perspective.

How am I supposed to level my trapper if a can’t hit lvl 2 castle guards with it?? :wink:

Lol I saw you. I managed to get hits in with someone else from another team on the castle tho. At least I’m pretty sure he was still there when it let me hit. I might be wrong tho.

Edit: pretty sure now that it’s definitely due to any NON-OWNER prime on the castle. It glitches even if the prime is from the owner 5TA (i.e. facing out).