Can’t hit towers through the “left battle” message

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This is still an issue, especially in atlas, but I’ve encountered it in the core game as well.

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Just making sure if the left side of the spells is disabled or the entire left side is disabled

This area:

So I would be unable to shoot that farm.


Oh…I’ve never noticed it before :thinking:

Ugh, gross! Gross, gross, gross. I’ll send a note to our team about it. Thank you for tagging. :slight_smile:

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Interesting… I suppose it would be a layering issue, but if you left at the right moment, it would be a strategic thing. Although, seems like that moment would be a little challenging to find, since the defenders cannot see from your perspective.

Definitely. It could be a strategic mechanic, although a lot of factors come into play, including latency, internet stability, and all that good stuff. I imagine it’s not used as a tactic, but it certainly seems odd not to be able to interact / attack anything beyond that text!


Well you’re at it could you get them to stop with the “power up” texts? It’s really kind of useless, annoying and prevents your team mates from communicating effectively since the power up messages scroll like crazy.

I’m referring to “xxx repaired”, “yyy powered”, etc…

Especially in wars. I’m just interested in what my team mates have to say (unless you can make it so we can taunt attackers through the chat - that would be fun).


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Or taunt the defenders :laughing: but I think that should be a seperate chat so you don’t give away your secrets as the attacker and wingman.


Agreed. No need for the item messages in that chat if they’re already appearing on the top of the screen. :t_rex:

That would be fun… Just talk smack in lc after you whoop 'em.

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