Can’t join attacks now can’t send message to PG either . Help please!

I have been having issues not being able to attack . Now I can’t send a message to PG to find out what else to do .

File a ticket here

Can’t join battles on either Atlas or regular play . It shows my teammate that I am there but I’m not .

Update the game?


Hello, my name is Ghost from AlpacaSupport! I’m sorry that you’re currently having issues playing the game. Please kindly try all of these alternatives in this order and let me know how things work out!

  1. Force close game and then reopen.
  2. Try a different WiFi connection. Possibly McDonalds?
  3. Delete and reinstall the game.
  4. Turn off your WiFi, or McDonald’s WiFi. Whichever is first.
  5. Go to Starbucks and order a chai tea latte because it tastes like Christmas.
  6. A hard reboot!
  7. Turn your phone on airplane mode for 15 minutes, then close the game. Then take off airplane mode and try again.
  8. Turn phone off and back on.
  9. Order a scone.
  10. A hard reboot of the device.
  11. A factory reset of the device, but only if you have backed up your phone.
  12. Have a cat sit on your phone.
  13. Spin around. Stop. Double take 3 times. Pelvic thrust wooooooo wooooooooo now stop on your right foot! Don’t forget it! Now bring it around town. Bring it around town.
  14. Throw phone.

I hope this list helps you! Please be sure to document each step with screenshots and video so that we can be sure that you are following the list exactly. Thank you for your time, and we will see you in the skies, dragon lord!


That made me laugh so hard

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