Can’t log in due to error

I am going on 3 days not being able to get into war dragons due to error message saying we are updating server, try later. I have been playing this game for over 4 years and this is becoming the topping on the cake. I have submitted 5 tickets now with only one response. His response was he wanted a snap shot of the error.( mind you I included a snap shot in the ticket). The support for this game has gone down the tube… what is the fix here???

Opening a bunch of tickets more will not actually get your ticket responded to any faster. Reasonably, it actually may be slower because each ticket gets sorted down below the previous one. Our ticket queue has also been pretty impacted for the time frame that you mentioned.

That being said, I made a tweak to your account that should resolve the issue for you.


That worked!!! Only reason I keeled sending them was due to not getting a response back.
Thanks again

I noticed I did not get any of my atlas items I could not clam. Any chance I can get Compensated for lost items?

@Arelyna it’s been a while since I sent a ticket in so I apologise if it already does this.

It would be worth adding a confirmation upon a user sending in a ticket that explains - adding messages to your tickets moves you to the back of the queue.

Umm I also have a similar issue. Can I also get a fix? I have already sent 3 emails. But no response yet, which is starting to scare me. Could you pls look into my matter?

Our ticket queue has been pretty been impacted given the issues with Atlas. I can try and help later on this morning.

Pls do. I have been waiting to get at least a response for 3 days now. Pls try to help me ASAP

Hi Arelyna. My account has same issue but I haven’t been able to get in since Friday morning. Sent a few tickets myself. I see you tweaked the other account. I was patiently waiting for the update and hope that helps. Was wondering if you could help me. Level 425 game name Jaysunnn. Thanks

@F8SohomDeDR60 & @Jaysunnn, please check now.

REMINDER: Submitting multiple tickets about the same issue will not get your ticket responded to any faster.

I can chat with DragonPunch & PGJared about potentially adding this one.


Thank you so much very much appreciated. Hope you have a great day. You just made mine. Thanks again…

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@Arelyna mine is still inoperable

Mine is a loading screen error. It does not load through.

Oh, that’s a different issue that I unfortunately cannot fix with a tweak on my end.

So @Arelyna how do I fix it?

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