Can’t play in pvp

Everytime i try to attack other team in this event it keep give me error.

Can’t do pvp can only attack island.

What league are you in?

Sap 1. i pick different team still the same error.

Well, if you are in a bronze or silver league, that may explain why you are having this issue. Some teams down there might have players that are inactive. At least I think so… It’s been ages since I’ve been down there. Technically I have an alt down there but I don’t play events with her :laughing:

Just decided to take a gander at some of the points in the league… 5th place has 1k victory points and 6th place and below all have 0 victory points…

i know about bronze and silver or gold. Im in Sapphire 1. I cant attack other team it so fcking BS.

Oh… yeah that would suck. Aside from submitting a ticket (which will take a while to get answered as their queue is very backed up right now), I’m not sure what other suggestions I can make to help you. Unfortunately it is the weekend, so the population at PG headquarters is likely lower now than it is during weekdays.