Can’t see correct player info!


How come i can’t see correct numbers in players profile ? I wanna remember they did some kind of fix to this couple of weeks back.

I have a person which have had 2.69 mil medals for several weeks now not changing. But the biggest problem is I’m unable to see the correct attack power/ defense power.

One player in my team have like 7.7 bil AP but for me it shows like 1.2 AP, where the defense power is way off as well.

This stats seems to be off on every single player I look at, even players outside of my team. It is very annoying!

Anyone have a solution to this?

They are aware of the profile thing but don’t know if they plan to fix it. The attack screen is correct though so you can view their base to see the correct number.

As for the weekly medals, that’s been a bug for years.

I don’t think numbers have ever been truly accurate across the board. I really wouldn’t use numbers as any indication of strength really.

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The numbers seen on the attack screen and on your own base seem pretty consistent and reliable now, since they’ve fixed them. The ones on the profile aren’t, but as you rightly say the number alone has little value anyway. The number is useful in my experience, but only when interpreted next to a base. So as long as it’s accurate on the base view, that’s good enough for me.


Im a competitive person who already strive to get better when i see someone have greater strength than me.

But i lose my spark when everyone I check is lower than me. I’m an E2P and even players
+100 levels above me is a lot worse than me!

I need to strive for stuff. and also sometimes people beat my defense at 920 mil with a 150 mil Haku and I’m like “wtf!!” But they probably managed because their strength wasn’t 150 mil, it where a lot higher…


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For people scouting for recruits for their team it might matter.

A base with no defense power isn’t good and could seal the deal for weather or not they send an invite.

Just assume my stats are always better than yours. :sunglasses:


I do.


We do plan on fixing it. There has been some work done to fix it, but we’re working on testing it just to be sure.


That’s good news! Thanks for the update.

Do you happen to know if there are any plans to look into the weekly medal counts not resetting? I went through my entire team this morning and I didn’t see one person at 0 medals. I started with 1.91M medals. It’s really not a huge deal for me as I know medals don’t really mean much, but it would be nice for the weekly medal count to reset properly.

It’s something that’s on our radar, but I don’t have any info on concrete plans or anything. I do know that it is a larger project.

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What about the incorrect dragons showing on my profile to other players? :upside_down_face:

Other players see the top 3 dragons you own. You see the top 3 dragons currently in your roster.

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Not really true as one of my teammate have two mythic dragons in his roster (his strongest ones I presume) and they are not even showing as top 3 in his profile when I check it.

Then they are probably not his strongest. It goes by AP which is a worthless number anyway.

I have a hard time believing it is not his strongest dragons, everyone with mythical dragons (seasonal ones like, UVS, Namaka, GIG) etc. it’s their strongest ones, and if they are the top3 dragons when he checks his own profile then I have a hard time believing he has lineage dragons (which is only used for breeding) that’s stronger than his mythics.

Simply profile info is way off and needs correction! (Medals, AP, DP, top dragons and what else it could be).


I was stating how it is supposed to work and I thought that it was one of the things that worked properly. I even had an example that a lineage dragon can have higher AP than a divine, but instead, I decided to check my own. It is incorrect when I view it from an alt account, so you’re right about that. I guess I never really cared enough about top dragons to bother checking to see if it was correct.

And the reason why I don’t care about the top 3 dragons or AP is that, as I mentioned above, AP is a worthless number and means absolutely nothing. My Namaka can take bases none of my other dragons can, but her AP is quite a bit lower than Ronin and Surt. And since AP is used to determine the top 3 dragons, I don’t see it as being valuable info. Not to mention that AP can change based on whether the dragons have boosts on or not. My attack went from 7.61B down to 4.5B just by removing all the HP and Attack boosts from my dragons. Which would also affect which dragons are showing as top 3 (if it were working as intended).

To be fair, DP can change based on boosts as well but I mean who has a base these days that doesn’t always have boosts applied?

Would it be nice if everything was correct? Definitely, and I’m not disagreeing with that, but I would also like them to prioritize what is fixed first and I think DP should be #1 on that list.


But this number really shouldn’t be used. I can stick mythic ballista runes on my base and own no ballistas and it’ll boost my defence. There are so many ways to artificially boost the numbers that do not increase your strength.

There are also substantially stronger bases that have much lower defence power than much weaker bases. But on paper they look stronger. The numbers really are a poor reflection of strength all round and I would encourage people to look at towers levels and setup rather than defence numbers


I just want to know what I’m getting in to gear-wise :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yeah to be fair that’s probably the only way to get a gauge on gear. Fair point there.

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