Can the next event be fort ? I need fort lol


Maybe because no food packs left?


:scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat: How did you know???

I need to learn how to stalk better…


It was an educated guess :joy: I’m all out of 400k food packs and have a woefully small supply of the 130k ones :laughing:


Because when feeding occurs early in a season theres always a 2nd one near the end. Though with PG we could have 6 of them this season, you never know


Always as in always? Or always as in most times?


Don’t jinx it please…


always as in the 2 previous times we had it at the start we had a second one at the end of that season but that was also following the 9-10 week rotation


I have one 280k and some 4.5k ones :sob: :t_rex:


Working on that, too!

(I possess the awesome power to bitch about multiple things at once, which I try to wield wisely and with responsibility.)

Anyway, sorry for everyone who doesn’t like event schedule. Starting with feeding meant that no matter what, any standard week 2 event would make some people unhappy. See?–

Breeding: large redundancies in chests with feeding; also, we just had one, so it wasn’t an option.

Fort: annoys people who don’t want ice/fire turrets (i.e., everyone in the game), lumber packs (all the people who want ice turrets think that these are dope), or attack boosts. Bad for people who ground or saved up a ton of bronze chests. Bad for people in sapphire-emerald. Good for people who are really into making their bases strong (hi). Good for endgamers who only need speedups. Bad for people who rely on chests opened during discount periods for their PvP resources throughout the season.

PVP: good for people with bronze chests, or who like rubies or gold chests or, I dunno, like playing the game? It seems like it should be good for most people who like having stuff. Bad for people whose exhaustion with the current PVP rotation exceeds their desire for stuff, which is a position I’m sympathetic to. Also sucks for people who counted on PG not doing this and already cashed in their chests. Though I think Red has a blurb about us all having things we wished we did differently? She only posts it under the exceeding rare circumstance that someone has a really good idea about evolution stones, a prophesized event that has never happened before but will blow my dang mind when it does.

Things that would’ve made this better: Bash’s suggestion of a mini-Assault event, Cranky’s suggestion of an advance schedule, any of my suggestions about 3 week discount / PVP week 1 / PVP chests during feeding.

But you know, I really think the move they made is better than just doing fort week 2, and that this helps most players. :man_shrugging: I dunno, I feel like PG is making a rare and good effort to throw us a bone, assuming that they were set on feeding week 1 and were adapting from there. It’s a nice gesture, and they’re adapting their plans to help players, which it probably will. Can’t really get angry about this; I think it’s a good move.


I think it’s a good move as well. Frankly, I was really surprised at all the negative responses. :woman_shrugging:


Surprised too.


maybe not, but it sure is fun!


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