Can there be a boost for food like lumber for fort?

For breeding event only a boost in food like lumber is for fortification event since when in the higher tier dragons consume alot of food I mean ALOT of food I say the 5x more production like wood is for fortification food should be the same for breeding event is this doable @PG


Does basically everyone not have tons of food production boosts from every time they collect a discount dragon?

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Thought fort was 3x. From what I know about how coding works it won’t be doable this week, but I hope to see it in the future.

Still would be nice, and if your storage hut is upgrading?

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Why would your storage hut be upgrading during a fort event unless you’re done? In which case use the boost before you upgrade :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Im not opposed to a food boost but Im surprised people need it when we have no other use for all these food boosts we keep getting.

If you’re not done with your storage it is more than likely upgrading during breeding. Obviously it would not be upgrading during fort. If they made it so that you could put the boost on while the storage hut is upgrading it wouldn’t matter either way.


I have tonnes of them but my storage is upgrading for another 18 days so no food boosts for my starving mewlings sadly

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Maybe I misunderstood, I thought they were asking for a food boost along with the wood boost during Fort, not breeding. My bad

A food boost for breeding would be fine but I also dont really find food that hard to find during breeding.

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On the topic of Boost… Have no idea why PG made it you can’t access / boost up your farm productions when your storage is upgrading…

It’s doesn’t make sense, it’s the farms that’s getting boosted not storage, the boost button should be on the farms instead.


I wondered the same thing

Mines is upgrading as well building requires alot of timers plus it’s a good piece to score the final points

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