Can u ban some more?

My other post was blocked but I will keep it short…can u ban some more? 1000 accounts is nothing, the bigger issue is you can’t stop the exploits. :joy:

There’s always loopholes in the security of any apps/softwares. Eggtoken has been doing excellent job to catch up with cheaters/hackers
And of course they will ban more if they find out new exploit vectors of the game

Yeah yeah. Always. But I mean, do even know how it was exploited? I mean…if u don’t know the problem, u can’t fix it. Oh wait… u fix it by banning. Am I right?

PG will never reveal how it was exploited but they put some scripts in the server to check whether someone tries to do it and roll that person back. And if they keep trying it, they will get banned (that’s how they did it with the forge exploit)

You don’t know what they know.

Speaking of fixing the problem, I’m sure this whining will fix something. :popcorn:


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