Can u trade in war dragons?

I couldn’t use some gems nd speed boosts for my buildings to upgrade I need to level up my hatchery to level 3 so I can hatch my blue dragon eggs

I need to be level 14 to upgrade my hatchery I’m level 13

No. Chars

You need to level up your base level then, by upgrading towers to their next level

Since you just started the game, I’ll say I hope you find a team that can help you learn quickly and get a good understanding of the game

CN u help me plz

CAN U help me?

SO Ur not
going to help me

Just by looking at how this is going…this is the forums not a chat, so don’t repeatedly make many posts please

Anyways level up your base, then level up the incubator. Speedups can be found in bronze chests (obtained from attacking bases and hitting monuments) and they drop from runs too. Or you could just wait… building upgrades at that level don’t take that long. Welcome to War Dragons!

My suggestion for you is find a nice Gold 5 team that can help you, preferably with a higher level officer or leader whose been around for a while and help you and ask your questions

Oh Zach… forums are not always the kindest place. It’s very knowledgeable though. And yes join a team that can help and give you advice

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