Can use some feedback on this

Hello all,

Would love to get some feedback on this.

  1. Adding Pylon for beam damage or Ice Turret for beam damage and extra shield for frontline.

  2. Adding Ice Flak for extra silence

  3. Adding Ice Flak for extra silence & removing Blue Mage for Pylon ( beam damage, damage boost, and frontline tank ) **** I don’t notice many dragon with blue spell flying my base. Seem like most dragon now have White Spells or 1 shot that kill mages instantly

replace fire flak with dark flak, as u build more tower u can build pylone or swap 1 orery with pylone now.

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It all comes down to the amount of resources you have. As the levels of towers increase, the amount of resources increase. And you should look at the way these resources can be obtained. Ice shards are difficult to come by. After that, electrums and then elemental embers. You may be forced to opt for tower branches every season to get those resources and miss out on other branches like rider branch to acquire a mythic (if you are F2P but otherwise resources talk doesn’t matter).

Both pylon and ice flak are good towers. For ice flak, the supporting towers must be damage heavy to benefit from it. Pylon and fire flak are similar towers in a way. I would suggest to keep the mage towers and that pylon would be a better option in the back.

Or move the fire flak to the back (pylon is better than FF imo) and build dark or electro flak in the front .

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I’m having mixed feelings about giving up Fire Flak for Dark Flak.

I have Max Mythic Rune and Kasima boost for Fire Flak. The current layout has yielded me much success against attackers. I like the range, speed, and utility that Fire Flak offers much more than Dark Flak. However, I am always open to feedback for improvement.

Thanks for the feedback. In terms of RSS, I don’t think that will be an issue for me.

Just a quick question. Why do you neep keep a farm and a mill there?

Don’t you want 10 towers?

I keep Farms and Mills there because of the replays of people hitting my base.

I used to have 10 towers on 4 & 5. Farms and Mills on 1. Because I run double cosmic people that can clear my base have a very hard time doing so with 1 dragon. When they get free access to farms and mills, they hit 70-75% for free

So I moved back to 1&2 as kill island. Putting farms and mills in the front right now will cause the same problem. My base gives a lot of players problems if they are Vanguard and below. I notice even Abbysal and Eldritch have a hard time clearing with 1 or 2 dragons.

I don’t want to give % any of my base for free to players. If a player is strong enough to kill my base, I want to make sure they waste time flying full base and have to use multiple dragons so it discourages them from hitting it again.

farms and mills are also very tanky. When someone get hit by double cosmic, it’s very hard for them to kill the farms and mills.

You are on the right course of action/strategy.

But you can somewhat manipulate the % they give if you keep them as low as possible, but barely high enough, accounting food and lumber boosts, to be able to upgrade storage hut iIrc.

At least that’s what I did when I was low level. :grin:

The farm/mill hp is crazily high around your level. You could win wars just by keeping them alive. Sadly it’s not the case at higher levels.

At your level you can only have around 6 maxed towers, so having more just weakens your base.

I’d suggest that fire flaks are marginally better than dark flaks. But they are also way more flexible in where you can place them, because of their range.

Despite the number of dragons with all white spells, I wouldn’t recommend moving your blue mage. Not having a blue cripples your base against any dragons with blue spells (including add-on spells).

hmm, never thought of it that way. Thanks for pointing it out.

This is the exact reason why I keep debating whether or not to keep or remove blue mage.

It’s more about versatility vs. specialization. :grin: That’s entirely your choice, imo.

There’s a reason some people keep a spare set of mages, but they are end game. You’ll have to account your own player level as like flumpie said

Whatever your player level is now.

Mostlikey going to test a layout without Blue Mage this Fort, if it doesnt work how i expect it to… I will go back to having the Blue Mage. Thanks again for feedback Aurik

I don’t think I was much of help here, but NP. :sweat_smile:

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