Can we add in a quit button

Can we consider have the option to toggle on a quit button instead of a swap button for flights. With atlas being time dependent and some pvps also having a time critical element it would be quite helpful to be able to quit an attack rather than swap.

It would also remove the tactic some use of force closing during defend to add 20 seconds onto attackers run times which is hard to stop any other way.


Can you imagine all the crying from people who can’t avoid pressing the quit button mid fight unintentionally?


I can.

Yum. Salty tears. Might be worth it. :slight_smile:


Isn’t it there already?
During dragon selection

@Lx460 I mean if they choose to have it toggled on and hit it then those tears will make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

@OrcaFrost yes you can but, when you need to quit and have to wait for a defender or backer to connect to you so you can move to the dragon select screen. Those 20 seconds for them to get timed out can cost you a win in pvp. Also you can’t quit if you have a backer in an atlas run it makes the game very angry.


Hit the swap button then hit quit. Don’t invite your teammates to follow if you want to quit the attack early.

I’d say this current set up is the best balance. People lose attacks often enough by clicking a banner notification. We don’t need a UI change to make that happen even with all notifications turned off.

Unfortunately it’s more to stop defenders lagging out. In gauntlet when islands go down in 2 mins the 20 seconds lag before you can quit at 70% is the difference between a win and a loss. If you don’t want to have the option to straight quit out of a battle you’d just toggle off the “enable quitting in battles button” like you can the swap button: