Can We All Have The Same Attack Penalties in Atlas?

I’m stationed in one of the badlands Garrisons, can’t attack other players because they are protected by some “event shield”? I’ve tried moving my Primarch to a nearby poacher and gold mine and still won’t let me attack them yet they can attack me at any point, so what gives? Am i under the same protection or do other players have an advantage over one another?

Are you in another team’s territory? This could also be carryover from having a taunter at one of the nearby strongholds; there’s a fix for that coming at some point:

The only Taunter near my vicinity is one that is owned by one of my teammates. Other than that the next Taunter is 4 territories away. I can attack them when the enemy players are on poachers or gold mines but when stationed on Garrisons they are protected.

Okay, I misunderstood your first post then. During core game PvP events, Atlas strongholds get a sparkledust protective bubble, so that people don’t need to worry about Atlas. If it’s your own garrison, you can ask the leader/officer/governor/marshal to drop the shield to attack.

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